Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Almay Products

Hello! I’m very excited to share these two Almay products because it seems Almay products are really under rated. I never hear much about them in blogs or vlogs. I admit I was one of those people too, passing the Almay display without a second glance.

The first product I want to talk about, and my favorite Almay product so far, not to mention favorite concearler, is the Almay Clear Complexion Concealer +Treatment Gel Stick. I have always steered clear of concealers because I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with them but I decided to give this one a try.

The packaging is very simple and easy to use, you just twist the metal tube and the concealer goes up. The lid also comes off easily and stays on! This is a major plus for me because often enough the lids won’t close all the way or fall off. I would definitely recommend this product for travel. The concealer goes on smooth and is easily blend able. It has a clean smell which is nice; I don’t like it when concealers have a fragrance. Another plus was that I didn’t feel like I was wearing a ton of makeup when using this and it didn’t make me break out. If that wasn’t enough, at the other end of the stick there is an acne treatment that works wonders. I just dab this on my problem areas and my acne is less visible the next day. Although it looks like a light green color, the gel treatment dries clear. The only problem with the gel is it didn’t last as long as the concealer end has. As you can see in the picture there is hardly any left. However, the concealer has last me a good three months and covers up the over pigmentation on my left cheek for good 8 hours. Costs: $8.94-9.99 (2.4ml)

After falling in love with this concealer I decided I needed to pick up another Almay product to see how it compared in terms of quality. Plus I was excited! I felt I had discovered a great brand. The next day I went into Target and bought the Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Liquid. I really liked the packaging of this product also, it’s simple and you can see the product inside. Similar to the concealer, it has no scent, it just smells clean.  What I didn’t like so much about this product at first was the fact that it doesn’t have a pump. This was because at first I would pour it into my hand and rub it in my face. I don’t recommend this because I kept spilling it on my bathroom floor. I also ran into the problem of pouring too much into my hand. This was solved though when I started using a cotton ball. I would put the cotton ball on the opening and tip the bottle over. This made everything a lot easier! The makeup came off faster too, especially the glittery eye shadows. When I would use the cotton ball there are no streaks of glitter or mascara under my eyes. I also noticed my face felt nice and hydrated. I’m almost done with this product but it lasted a good three months, I think it would have lasted longer if I hadn’t had trouble with spills when I started using it. Costs: $4.49 (for 118ml *bargain*)

 I recommend trying both of these products or the Almay line in general, they are a hidden gem! I will be picking up some more of their products and sharing the results!



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