Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prestige Lipsticks

Right: LCL-09 Divine Plum  Left: LC-06 Chocolate Silk

Prestige is a brand I never really buy makeup from but I decided to try their lipsticks out. I really like them, they go on nice and smooth and the colors are really pigmented. They don’t have a scent and although you do have to reapply throughout the day that goes without saying with all lipsticks. I think they are great for the price.  Cost: $5.50
Right: LCL-09 Divine Plum Left: LC-06 Chocolate Silk


Prestige es una marca de maquillaje que nunca he comprado tanto de pero decide tratar sus lápiz de labios. Me han gustado mucho porque se ponen muy suaves y los colores son muy vibrantes. No tienen aroma y aunque si tienes que replicar los, esto se hace con todos. Creo que son fabulosos por el precio. Costo: $5.50

Top: LCL-09 Divine Plum Bottom: LC-06 Chocolate Silk

Have you tried products from this brand before? ¿Ud. ha tratado esta marca antes?

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