Sunday, February 22, 2015

What's New?

Here are some new products I have seen at the drugstore and would like to try.

Hey there, for a while now I have been wanting to write an article on new makeup releases. Finally, this past weekend I took the initiative and began the hunt to photograph new product releases in stores. Here are a few new products which I would love to try!

Physicians Formula City Glow & Bronze Booster & Argan Wear Bronzer ($14.95)

First off, I have been loving bronzers lately, so it’s no surprise these new bronzers made the list of new products I want to try. It doesn’t help that they are all so beautiful!

The City Glow bronzers look so nice and have SPF 30! The designs are of famous cities like Paris and New York. I think these would be great for days where you spend a lot of time outside because of the high SPF. I think I would like to wear this bronzer for work or a day out in the city!

Then their are the Bronze Booster bronzers. These are supposed to help enhance your tan, which sounds perfect for summer. It is also supposed to be very buildable which is great for any occasion. I think I’ll wait for the summer months to purchase this bronzer.

The Argan Wear Bronzer sounds great for dry skin and looks beautiful in the packaging. I kinda want to get it just for the way it looks! However, the description sells me on it too! It is made out of 100% Argan oil and is supposed to be nourishing for the skin. Powders can sometimes make my skin look dry, so this sounds like a great bronzer for me.

Maybelline Master Prime & Master Conceal ($9.99 & $8.99)

I’m really excited for the new Master Primers Maybelline has come out with because I feel like there hasn’t been a great selection of primers... at least until these babies came on the market! Even better, they come in three shades, which help correct different beauty problems. The three shades are Blur + Smooth 100 ( to help conceal fine lines) , Blur + Illuminate 200, Blur + Redness Control 300. I love how they have made each primer work on a different problem area, for me I think the Blur + Illuminate 200 is the one I want to try!

I love a good concealer! And this one sounds incredible. The Master Conceal concealer claims to be very light weight but at the same time have maximum conceal. This concealer is definitely high up on this list of new beauty products to try! Covering up my dark spots can sometimes turn into a nightmare with creamy concealers because they are so thick. This one looks like a liquid concealer which would really help keep my makeup from looking cakey.

Rimmel Kate Idol Eyes ($6.99 & $4.59)

A makeup line designed especially by Kate, a supermodel?! I would love to know makeup tricks used for supermodels and this is almost that. The Eye Rock mascara comes in black (Eye Rock Jet Black) and some really fun colors like Eye Rock Sapphire, Eye Rock Amethyst and Eye Rock Emerald. I’m a little intimidated by these colorful mascaras but might buy the Sapphire or Emerald one to use on my lower lashes. What really caught my eye from this collection are the Eyeshadow Pencils. There are four new colors in the collection, Rose Gold, Deep Amethyst, Electric Sapphire and Pure Turquoise. The two that I would really love to try are the Rose Gold and Pure Turquoise. I’ve been really into eyeshadow pencils lately!

NYC City Proof 24hr Eye Shadow ($2.99)

These are such a score! The range of colors are amazing, one for every mood! They come in twelve colors ranging from neutrals to bright blues and purples. I couldn’t resist the great price of these City Proof Eye Shadows and bought some of the neutral colors. I have really been loving using them and they are good quality. I think the Rimmel ones seem longer lasting though.(I bought 5th Avenue Gold Rush, Brooklyn Mocha and Wall Street Bronze)

What do you think of these new products?

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