Saturday, July 4, 2020

Top 3 Favorite Face Masks

My Favorite mask brands.

Self Care is a term introduced to me by the Netxflix show Queer Eye. Before this series, although I applied face masks, painted my nails and cared for my well being, I didn’t think of it as such. They were frivolous actions of a girl, when I learned about self care I thought, “Oh that's what that is.” Although I have always bought face masks, I did it for “fun,” not results. But learning about self care gave these actions value.

Now with shelter in place I have been more consistent with applying face masks weekly and appreciating the activity as self care. So far I have tried mud masks and sheet masks. I have to say I prefer mud masks unanimously. I like how I can feel my skin tighten as the mud hardens and the cooling effect on the skin after. My favorite brands in order are GlamGlow, Que Bella, and Pink by Victoria Secret. 

This is the best mask for results.

1.Glam Glamglow

For Results

I only found this brand of mud face masks about two years ago and wish I had known of it sooner! I see the most immediate improvement in my skin after using this mask such as diminished pimples, smoother and healthier glowing skin. It also leaves a cooling effect after which is why I prefer this consistency of mask. I use this one sparingly because of the price tag and have already repurched. I buy the $39 Glow Essentials Mask and Moisture set. So Far my favorite in the set is the clearing version.


This brand was my introduction to face masks.

2. Que Bella

For Fun

This brand holds a special place in my heart because it was my introduction to face masks. My sisters and I liked to purchase these on our trips to target and then apply them together. They offer mud and sheet masks but I prefer the mud masks. I use these more for fun but I do notice healthier looking and smoother skin. My favorite masks of theirs include the Coffee Mud Mask (Might have been special edition), Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask and Professional Detoxifying Intense Black Peel Off Mask. I repurchase these regularly.


This is a great mask for just having fun.

3. Detox Mask Charcoal Clay Face And Body Mask Pink By Victoria Secret

For Fun 

I bought this one because it was on sale and to preserve my GlamGlow. I like using it for when my skin is dull or I want to relax. I like its clean smell and notice healthier tighter skin as with the Que Bella brand. I was drawn to it because of the bigger quantity. I plan on repurchasing but would like to try a different product like their avocado mask. 


What are your favorite masks?

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day!

My hometown beach, Sunset Beach.

What I love about the earth the most is the ocean, especially the beach. I love the unapologetic power of the waves crashing on the shore. The beaches near me have strong, rough waves especially the earlier you go. I would regularly run at the beach in the mornings, around 7 or 8am, with my fiance. Before the shelter in place we had grown our endurance to 6 miles. 

An Earth Day shirt I designed for my Graphic Design Website. Click Here to see it.

Now, although we are allowed outside for exercise I don’t feel comfortable staying out that long so we run 3 miles. I think this is a great way to connect with the earth that will at the same time increase your happiness and confidence. Running has helped me develop these traits, which to be honest I was lacking.

I had fun painting marker stones for my garden.

Since the beginning of shelter in place, being confined in my home has made me seek other ways to enjoy the outdoors in my yard. One of these has been attempting to garden. I planted carrots, bell pepper, cucumber and broccoli. I’m not sure if anything will grow since this is my first time but I had fun planting and painting my marker stones.

Last weeks free paint party image. 

Painting the outdoors is a common theme now that I am stuck inside. Last week my fiance who is an artist, collaborated with another artist to do an Instagram virtual paint party with the theme being a wave. This Friday at 6pm join us as we paint the California state flower, Poppies. Click here for the link to the free paint party! Or search for @gi.zambrano on instagram. 

Free Facebook Paint Party

What do you love about the earth?

Thank you,

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Best Elf Products Under $10

These are my favorite Elf products that I use daily.

Elf is one of the most affordable makeup brands available. Unfortunately, I feel many associate affordable with lower quality. This is sometimes true but I have found hidden gems in many affordable makeup brands. My three favorite products from Elf in order of most used include the Eyebrow Duo Brush, Contour Palette and the 16 HR Cameo Concealer. 

My favorite eyebrow brush.

Eyebrow Duo Brush

I use this brush everyday! It features an angled brush for filling in your eyebrows and a spoolie brush for styling. I had it for about three years before having to replace it recently. I highly recommend it and will keep repurchasing. $4

I especially like to use this when I travel or doing my makeup on the go.

Contour Palette in Dark/Deep

What I love most about this palette is the convenience of the bronzer with the large mirror. I use it as a bronzer palette not as a contour palette. It serves as my makeup mirror when I’m away and as my bronzer. It has four colors that blend well. This means less items in my bag. I recommend this if you travel constantly and need to make room in your bag. $8

I like to use this concealer when I don't want to wear foundation.

16 HR Cameo Concealer in Medium Beige

This concealer is great for when you want a “no makeup look.” I like using this concealer when I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup. I like using it on my trouble areas like my hyper pigmentation and just blend it out a bit. It works great alone but I have noticed it shows in the creases. $6

What are your favorite affordable makeup items? 

Thank you,

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

March Empties

These are the items I used up in March.

Today I’m sharing with you beauty products I have used up and which ones I will repurchase. I like this series because I feel it better represents what my favorite products are based on the ones I use consistently. The items I used up last month include moisturizer, face soap, concealer and wrinkle cream.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
Hands down this is my favorite moisturizer! I like how it feels lightweight when applied but at the same time is very moisturizing. It also has a very slight natural shimmer which I think adds a nice glow to the skin. Another plus is the SPF 15 to protect from sun damage. I will be repurchasing this item for sure!

Shea Moisture African Black Soap with Shea Butter
This is my favorite face soap for cleansing my face morning and night. I don’t get acne very often but when I do, this always stops it in place. I notice any acne is minimized or gone by the following day. Although I have used this brand for years, I recently learned that there are other more natural brands of black soap. I am very interested in trying a more natural, raw version of this soap so I might not repurchase this exact brand.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation in F10
This is my favorite everyday affordable foundation. It goes on smooth and has the right amount of coverage if you have a bit of hyperpigmentation like me. I also felt like this shade matched mine perfectly. However, I am not sure I can repurchase since it seems they are not restocking this item in United States stores. I have not been able to find this shade in any Ulta stores even online. Do you have any medium coverage foundation recommendations?

ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum
Last year I became aware of my skin changing. I began to show signs of aging and felt I should start using a wrinkle serum. I bought this one and it showed great results right away, minimizing wrinkles. The only issue is that I think it was too strong for my skin. When I put too much my skin reacted with acne. I will not be repurchasing this specific product but want to explore other options from this brand.  

Have you tried any of these products? What medium coverage foundation do you recommend?

Thank you,

Monday, March 30, 2020

Top 5 Shelter In Place Activities

Our shelter in place activities.

Last week shelter in place began in California and similar responses to COVID19 have been implemented in other countries as well. The first few days it felt like a staycation but by the third day of not being able to go outside, I was losing my mind trying to think of other activities to occupy my time, besides cleaning and Netflix. Here are my top five favorite activities for passing the time at home:

Our arts and crafts table.
1. Painting
My fiance enjoys painting and can do it for hours at a time, so I decided to give it a try. I found it to be a very relaxing way to pass the time! You can decide how much detail you add, this can help make the activity last longer. What is great about painting is the variety of surfaces to paint on. We painted on canvas, plant pots and will be painting egg shells next.

2. Coloring
I could not remember the last time I colored but once I began I quickly found a rhythm. Like painting it was relaxing and helped ease my anxiety. I found a cute Disney Princess coloring book along with many of the other items pictured here at the DollarTree.

3. Board Games
When playing Monopoly was suggested by my sisters, I have to admit I was less than excited. I have never cared much for Monopoly in particular but it ended up leading to many laughs! My all time favorite board games include UNO, Sorry!, Cards Against Humanity and Jenga. A surprising new favorite was BLINK, a matching game by the creators of UNO.

Here are some of the postcards I made for my cousins.
4. Making Postcards
This activity has become my new obsession. I really like making postcards to send to my family. I use cardstock and cut it to 4x6in. I then draw and color an image of a celebrity or game they like.

5. Workout
I was very reluctant to workout at home because I love running at the beach. I had to force myself to workout for one hour and thirty minutes at home. It was definitely worth it in the end, I felt accomplished and it pulled me out of my couch potato routine.

How are you keeping busy during COVID19? Any fun new hobbies?