Monday, March 30, 2020

Top 5 Shelter In Place Activities

Our shelter in place activities.

Last week shelter in place began in California and similar responses to COVID19 have been implemented in other countries as well. The first few days it felt like a staycation but by the third day of not being able to go outside, I was losing my mind trying to think of other activities to occupy my time, besides cleaning and Netflix. Here are my top five favorite activities for passing the time at home:

Our arts and crafts table.
1. Painting
My fiance enjoys painting and can do it for hours at a time, so I decided to give it a try. I found it to be a very relaxing way to pass the time! You can decide how much detail you add, this can help make the activity last longer. What is great about painting is the variety of surfaces to paint on. We painted on canvas, plant pots and will be painting egg shells next.

2. Coloring
I could not remember the last time I colored but once I began I quickly found a rhythm. Like painting it was relaxing and helped ease my anxiety. I found a cute Disney Princess coloring book along with many of the other items pictured here at the DollarTree.

3. Board Games
When playing Monopoly was suggested by my sisters, I have to admit I was less than excited. I have never cared much for Monopoly in particular but it ended up leading to many laughs! My all time favorite board games include UNO, Sorry!, Cards Against Humanity and Jenga. A surprising new favorite was BLINK, a matching game by the creators of UNO.

Here are some of the postcards I made for my cousins.
4. Making Postcards
This activity has become my new obsession. I really like making postcards to send to my family. I use cardstock and cut it to 4x6in. I then draw and color an image of a celebrity or game they like.

5. Workout
I was very reluctant to workout at home because I love running at the beach. I had to force myself to workout for one hour and thirty minutes at home. It was definitely worth it in the end, I felt accomplished and it pulled me out of my couch potato routine.

How are you keeping busy during COVID19? Any fun new hobbies?