Saturday, July 4, 2020

Top 3 Favorite Face Masks

My Favorite mask brands.

Self Care is a term introduced to me by the Netxflix show Queer Eye. Before this series, although I applied face masks, painted my nails and cared for my well being, I didn’t think of it as such. They were frivolous actions of a girl, when I learned about self care I thought, “Oh that's what that is.” Although I have always bought face masks, I did it for “fun,” not results. But learning about self care gave these actions value.

Now with shelter in place I have been more consistent with applying face masks weekly and appreciating the activity as self care. So far I have tried mud masks and sheet masks. I have to say I prefer mud masks unanimously. I like how I can feel my skin tighten as the mud hardens and the cooling effect on the skin after. My favorite brands in order are GlamGlow, Que Bella, and Pink by Victoria Secret. 

This is the best mask for results.

1.Glam Glamglow

For Results

I only found this brand of mud face masks about two years ago and wish I had known of it sooner! I see the most immediate improvement in my skin after using this mask such as diminished pimples, smoother and healthier glowing skin. It also leaves a cooling effect after which is why I prefer this consistency of mask. I use this one sparingly because of the price tag and have already repurched. I buy the $39 Glow Essentials Mask and Moisture set. So Far my favorite in the set is the clearing version.


This brand was my introduction to face masks.

2. Que Bella

For Fun

This brand holds a special place in my heart because it was my introduction to face masks. My sisters and I liked to purchase these on our trips to target and then apply them together. They offer mud and sheet masks but I prefer the mud masks. I use these more for fun but I do notice healthier looking and smoother skin. My favorite masks of theirs include the Coffee Mud Mask (Might have been special edition), Relaxing Lavender Mud Mask and Professional Detoxifying Intense Black Peel Off Mask. I repurchase these regularly.


This is a great mask for just having fun.

3. Detox Mask Charcoal Clay Face And Body Mask Pink By Victoria Secret

For Fun 

I bought this one because it was on sale and to preserve my GlamGlow. I like using it for when my skin is dull or I want to relax. I like its clean smell and notice healthier tighter skin as with the Que Bella brand. I was drawn to it because of the bigger quantity. I plan on repurchasing but would like to try a different product like their avocado mask. 


What are your favorite masks?