Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elf Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

Ok, so I have had a love hate relationship with mascaras. This is because they always seem to rub onto my eye lids or I they irritate my eyes and I end up smearing it/ making it flake around my bottom lashes. Another problem I have with them is that they just don’t keep my lashes curled. Having run out of my Covergirl Lash Blast (the orange one which I have had so long I don’t remember when I bought it) I didn’t want to spend too much money if I would only use it once in a while or wouldn’t like it. I bought the Elf Regular & waterproof Mascara Duo recently and have been using it every day!


Les digo ahora que he tenido una relación de amor y odio con mascaras. Esto se debe a que no duran mucho en mis pestañas y siempre irritan mis ojos. Otro problema que tengo es que no mantienen el curl. Entonces cuando se me cabo mi Covergirl Lash Blast (el que es anaranjado y no recuerdo cuando lo compre) no quería gastar mucho dinero por un producto que no me gustara o solo usaría en ocasiones especiales. Por esto compre el Elf Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo y lo he estado usando todo los días!


The tube is clearly labeled what side is which and I really like the brush, which is the same on both sides, it is nice medium size. The bristles on the brush are spiral and really help get every lash. As for ware time, I put the regular on my top lashes and the waterproof on my bottom lashes at 11am and it stayed put all day, even through work! When I got home around 10pm it was still on and hadn’t smudged at all! (That’s 12 hrs) It has becoming an everyday makeup product for me and I would totally recommend it. Cost: $0.99


El tubo tiene etiqueta que claramente dice cual lado es regular/waterproof y me gusta mucho el cepillo que es igual en los dos lados. El cepillo es spiral y ayuda a agarra cada pestana. También dura mucho en mis ojos. Me lo puse a las 11am y a las 10pm todavía se miraba bien. (12 oras) Ahora este producto se ha convertido en uno que uso todos los días. Costo:  $0.99


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