Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween in California | A sneaky post!

The skeleton garland I picked out ended up looking better than I expected!

Happy early halloween! I know I usually  post on Friday, but I couldn’t resist uploading this post early! Once in a Halloween, my sisters and I get really, REALLY, into decorating. Well, this was one of them years. Just a few days before Halloween (oct. 26) we, cough, I kept insisting we get started decorating. What can I say? I guess I was bitten by the halloween bug. And after insisting and insisting my sisters finally agreed to help me decorate. They even ended up enjoying it!

¡Feliz halloween temprano! Se que usualmente hago post los viernes, ¡pero no pude resistir poner este post temprano! En algunos Halloweens, mis hermanas y yo nos emocionamos MUCHO en decora. Bueno, estos era unos de estos años. Solo unos días antes de Halloween (oct. 26) nosotros, o mejor dicho yo, insistí que empezaramos a decorar. ¿Que puedo decir? Supongo que estaba entusiasmada por halloween. Y después de insistir y insistir les ha mis hermanas, finalmente se convinieron a ayudar me. ¡Al final, haste les gusto!

Here is a side view of the house.
I put all the glitter foam cats on the door because we are a household of cat lovers!

So I hauled up, out of the basement, our tattered box of old and true halloween decorations only to arise endless laughter from my sisters! Our box with "halloween decorations," was filled with ripped and fading decorations. We knew then we needed an upgrade and drove to are nearest Dollar Tree. We ONLY spent $13 and our house still ended up looking amazing! I hope you like our decor and it inspires your own house decor! It’s still not too late!

Entonces saqué del sótano nuestra caja andrajosa, llena de nuestras decoraciones de halloween viejas. Solo para sacar de mis hermanas ¡risas histéricas! Nuestra caja de “decoraciones de halloween” estaba llena de decoraciones rompidas y mortecinos. Sabíamos que necesitábamos unas cosas nuevas y manejamos a nuestro Dollar Tree más cercano. Solo gastamos $13  y nuestra casa, sin embargo ¡si ve extraordinario! ¡Ojala les guste nuestras decoraciónes y les inspire con la decoracion de su casa! ¡Todavía no es tarde!

Here you can see more of the decorations, the bats on the window are from two years ago!
I love Zombies, especially the show The Walking Dead!

My sister’s and I loved this Zombie style police tape. We are big fans of The Walking Dead.

Mis hermanas y yo adoramos esta cinta de policia estilo Zombie. Somos fans de The Walking Dead.

Here you see a mix of our old and new decor. (Old: The witch, pumpkin, snake New: Potions bottle)

We mixed our old and new decorations! This way we didn’t spend a fortune decorating.

¡Combinamos nuestras decoraciones viejas con las nuevas! De esta manera no gastamos una fortuna para decorar. 

Three little pumkins on the steps of our porch! For three sisters!

I can't even remember when we got her!

This witch has seen many Halloweens!

¡Esta bruja ha visto muchos Halloweens!

Curious about my halloween plans? Keep reading down below!

Although I would love to go out this halloween, to a haunted maze or a haunted house, I will be having a much calmer halloween. Someone has to give out the candy! Yup, I’ll be giving out candy to the trick o’ treaters, eating some yummy halloween goodies and watching some classic halloween movies. I think for the snacks I’ll look on pinterest. For movies, I’ll be watching Hocus Pocus, Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland!

Aunque me gustaria salir este halloween, a un laberinto espantoso o una casa espantosa, voy a tener un halloween más calmado. ¡Halgien tiene que dar los dulces! Estare dando dulces a los trick o’ treaters y comiendo bocadillos de halloween, y viendo unas peliculas clásicas de halloween. Para los bocadillos de halloween ire a pinterest. Para las peliculas, mirare ¡Hocus Pocus, Shaun of the Dead y Zombieland!

I couldn't resist adding another photo of our house!

Chalk drawn tombstones on the back of our fence.
Did you like our decorations? Do you decorate your house for Halloween?¿Te gustan nuestras decoraciones? ¿Decoras tu casa para Halloween?


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